Tuesday, May 11, 2010

inspiration tuesday. Sea.

we spent sunday afternoon at Golden Gardens, one of my favorite spots to watch the sun setting over the Olympic Peninsula. since then, i've been dreaming of a week at the beach. not the fun-in-the-sun beaches of Southern California (though i do love those), but one of our wind-swept spaces in the northwest. i want a sea of stars. i want cold waves at first light.

{image credits, from top to bottom: La Push at Night, by Rob Golkosky; The Nighttime Aruba Sky, byth.omas; Every Cloud a UFO 2, by Alexander Kesselar; Ghostly sea at night... all the while the lights shine so bright, by Tobias Hoffmann; A Firey End, by Ryan Alexander; Sea in the Night, by Klearchos Kapoutsis; and Ghosts on the Beach, by Abnormally Genetic.}


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