Tuesday, May 4, 2010

.inspiration. tuesday. Kali.

hello hello.

this week, i have been particularly drawn to Kali, a goddess who has been quite misunderstood in the west (much like Shiva). Kali (translates roughly to "the Black Lord") had an auspicious birth: while in a fit of rage, Durga (goddess of Protection) manifested Kali from her third eye.

Kali is the lord of time (though she is often called the lord of death), and she liberates humans from the cycles of karma by freeing us from our bodies. this must happen...for if we all lived forever, we would remain stagnant and never grow. i must remember that when things begin to change (as they always do).

Peace + LOVE. Always.


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  2. Love the imagery in this post--reminds me of the places I've just returned from. While the Buddha was everywhere, I saw Ganesh as well.

  3. Ambika, Your trip!!! Divine! Thanks for stopping by!

  4. hmm needed this post today! thank you :)


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