Thursday, October 1, 2009

thoughts on projects: my first quilt.

hope you are having a lovely week. i am back from a quick-trip to portland. when i returned, one of the first things on my to-do list was to complete my quilt.

if you've been following my progress, you might remember that i began by cutting 5 by 5 inch squares from various fabrics in my stash, along with a few scraps from dress shirts in our goodwill pile. after that, i carefully arranged all of these squares out onto the floor in a madcap fashion, piecing them together with my Janome sewing machine. after that, i found a queen-sized vintage sheet at goodwill for the backing and bought a queen-sized cotton batting from my fabric store. after laying the whole quilt sandwich (backing, batting, top) out onto the floor in my living room, i hand quilted the whole thing at 5 inch intervals (essentially, there is a stitch in the center of each square. finally, i bound the front to the back using my sewing machine.

with the technical specifics of the project in mind, here are my reflections on the process:
i absolutely adored using fabrics that had been languishing in my stash-- there were a few fabrics that had been sitting there for years! also, i will always hunt through my goodwill piles for interesting looking squares in the future. so fun.
i NEED a rotary cutter. my hand was aching by the end of cutting out all of the squares AND the squares are a bit lacking in the precision department.

Also, i love the look of hand-quilting. i had prepared myself for this project to turn out pretty wonky-looking, but it actually looks good! i cannot wait to make my next one.



  1. you did it! it looks beautiful! i finally got into your yoga site and will download the podcast tonight - this creaky body needs so much help and this will be a wonderful start!

  2. your quilt looks wonderful. i love the soothing blues and your bed looks so cozy. a rotary cutter will save your lots of time and pain, but be super careful with it. enjoy your weekend1

  3. Thank you dolls!

    Cindy, It's so funny that you wrote "be super careful"-- one of the reasons I waited so long to jump on the rotary bandwagon was that I am afraid of cutting off an appendage!


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