Friday, October 2, 2009


darlings, remember when I first created this collage, You Are my Family, and said I wanted to see it on canvas? well, i've done something even better: i had the good people at Plywerk print and mount it on maple-birch-alder. it came with a keyhole slot on the back for easy hanging. so perfect!!

{this piece is 4 x 4 inch, and heading to my shop right now
{if you see any photos or collages here and would like them printed on Plywerk, shoot me an email at kelly {at} kellyloveswhales {dot} com for more information.
peace. & LOVE. always.


  1. this turned out great!!

    i'm working on my yoga poses :)

  2. super, super awesome! love it girlie :)

  3. Thank you darlings!!

    Aimee, *))) Awesome!! Keep me updated!

    Krissy! HELLO!!! LOVELY!


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