Wednesday, July 22, 2009

when you wish, wish big.

dears, one of my dream-dreams is to someday own a shop. a real-life, brick & mortar shop, filled with the kind of fashion, art + music i love. every now & then, i create a little capsule of what might fill my little shop. here's what it looks like today.

{spiraling clockwise, from top left: wear me as you want dress by ninty-nine point nine, peaches & silver necklace by magnolija DRESS, peach flower composition by tijusai, ruffle pocket dress by emily ryan, vintage 80s belt at estate sale, 23rd street jumpsuit by lamixx, here we go vintage jack rogers sunny suede pumps at joules, khaki cute doll dress by sonia sonia, teal blue leather messenger bag by the leather store, kimono sleeve jumpsuit by liza rietz.}


  1. I love that dark green dress!

  2. please tell me when you open your shop - i'll be one of your first customers. love your new banner!! :)

  3. i'm SO predictable, i love the flower and everything else, too!

  4. so fantastic kelly :)
    love all of those things :)
    i have shop dreams too :)
    hope both our dreams come true


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