Friday, July 24, 2009

happy trails.

... away we go!

that's bk & shyla scrambling. right now, we are somewhere much like this! i'm in heaven. you know that. i'm probably eating trail mix & a dried pineapple. looking for wild cats.

also, here's an update on the "wearing everything i own" project {monday through thursday}.

wishing you the loveliest of lovely weekends, my darlings.
peace. & LOVE.


  1. I love how your styling those outfits with the colors of your walls

  2. cute! i love those turquoise shoes. have fun on your adventures this weekend! :)

  3. We've been too busy to hike this summer and it makes me sad. Soon, I hope.

  4. *)
    thanks for the lovely comments, dears!

    cheery, thank you! i am feeling reinvigorated with the wardrobe photos now that i have a new project. *)

    jasmine, thanks so much! our weekend was delightful. **

    ambika, oh, dear! i know that feeling. we've only just begun to make the most of summer. i hope you get there! xxoo


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