Friday, July 17, 2009

happy friday. and a new project.

happy friday, loves! i hope it is glorious where you are as it is here. i even have a fan blowing on me at my desk {seattle surprises me every now & then}.

big plans for the weekend?

we are home.
i'm hoping for a swim this afternoon.
& to convince bk to join me at this opening tonight. {jen bekman is the judge & lecturer.}
our first wilderness trek of this summer? {yes please.}
& lots & lots of sparkling water. {it's my obsession!}

now, for the new project. remember my year of no-new clothes? well, it's along those lines. i have a closet-full of clothes and still i have been wearing the same 5 or 6 looks for the past month. this just won't do. {not that i mind repeat wears... just ask bk about the one pair of cords & my "sure i'm a marxist" tee i wore four times a week for the three years in law school--yikes! i just did the math on that.} so, i am challenging myself to wear every stitch of clothing in my closet right now {my winter collection is in storage} before rotating back through. i'm employing a technique i saw on the Oprah Winfrey show {have you heard of her? she's amazingly resourceful!} that involves turning each hanger around until i wear something, so i can keep track.
i am starting with the pieces i think i dislike {i.e., that hang around season after season even though i never wear them}. it's day two. i like it so far. it's a good boost of creative energy first thing in the morning.

peace. & LOVE.


  1. I will be following your new project with great interest Kel! I am plugging ahead on my own fashion project - closet is still pretty bare. Love your new images and color on this site. Happy weekend.

  2. I like the outfit you have above. The colors are good on you.

  3. oh honey! you'd look gorgeous in anything, even a worn-out marxist tee. i hope this dress is a keeper - it looks super on you. great idea with the hangers - i know i'm not organized enough to try, but i love the thought of it!

    a big YES to sparkling water and your new banner!

  4. Your banner rocks and I'm jealous of your shoulders.

  5. *)
    thanks for the sweet sweet comments, loves!
    Steph- I can't wait to see!!!!

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