Thursday, June 18, 2009

moving letters all around.

i love to rearrange the view inside of our house. while i was cleaning the house before our trip to st. louis, i simultaneously gave the art-arrangements in our house a makeover so that when we returned from the lou, it would be like a whole new house {and a magically clean one at that!}. here are a few shots of the new-ness.
new arrangement in the dining room.
new arrangement.
{top photo: all hanging prints made by me; middle: golden girls giclee print on canvas by Ellen Lohse, glass pieces by Chris Weber, flying cat card by Reiko Yamaguchi-Barclay, paintings by me; bottom: skunk cabbage screenprint by Sue Allen, mermaid giclee print by Holly Kitaura, paintings by me.}


  1. i think a kelly b would look grand on your walls?
    i need to send you something.

  2. *) a kelly b would look grand anywhere, lady miss!! your work is exquisite!


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