Wednesday, June 17, 2009


It is such an amazing time to be an independent artist. . . and support other artists. While browsing Etsy the other day in search of gift ideas {um... for myself...i'm turning 31 soon!}, I found the work of Mara Pollins and instantly fell in love.

Mara is an art teacher in the D.C. area. {I imagine working with kiddos every day is a major source of inspiration.} About her work, Mara writes, "My paintings are inspired by the colors, forms and patterns found in the natural world. Many of my paintings reflect patterns found in plantlife, fugus,biology and cells as would be seen on a microscopic level. I use many layers to create a sense of depth and light."
{check out her shop right here.}

{from left: Cellular, Blobular, Original collage.}

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  1. Her work is delicate and and solid at the same time. I like how they're graphically strong as 2-D images, and also show depth and some 3-D qualities.


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