Friday, June 12, 2009

happy happy friday.

dears, you know i love an experiment, right? well... i do. and lately, i have been experimenting a lot with digital collage. i'm smitten. i made these two this week using those copyright-free images & good ol' photoshopery. what risks have you taken lately? what experiments have you undertaken?
this weekend could be the perfect time!


{the story of the ghost-- this one has a bunch of Phish sheet music in it, too. you know i love that.}


  1. lovely! how do you do this?

    have a happy weekend : )

  2. I think these are quite beautiful, Kelly. Have you printed these out? You've inspired me to try my hand at digital art.

  3. these are beautiful :)
    i've beeing trying to do textures on my photos! its been fun so far!

  4. Kelly, these are fantastic!!!


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