Wednesday, May 6, 2009

for the good of humankind.

darlings, i sincerely urge you to check out this month's mankind mag. for a burst of the lovely, for a dash of the positive, for a remembrance of the beautiful. you all know what a fan of creator & editor erin loechner i am, and her letter to readers in this month's mag really touched me. she writes, "There is so much beauty in this world. There really is. It is my hope that we can see the pretty things around us amidst the ugly. I feel so blessed to live in a land of opportunity. Of spirit. Of courage, hope and integrity."

amen, sister.


  1. Your photos are so lovely! Thanks for stopping by my blog and sharing kind words!

  2. amen indeed! what a fantastic blog!
    xo katherine aka. urban flea

  3. Thank you for the sweet comments, dear-hearts!


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