Wednesday, April 1, 2009


rain. then snow.
this time of year can be rough. i am freezing my face off and ready for spring. when it's snowing on april first, i need to kick the motivation tactics into high gear or risk spending all day curled up in bed like Shyla. here's the plan:
1. dress up, not down. it helps to have a uniform of dressed up clothes. for me, this means pencil skirts and sweaters or pencil pants and tees. always. (plus, an apron when i'm in the studio, obviously.)
2. eat well. eat something hot in the morning. i'm still digging on blueberries, mangoes, apples and walnuts mixed together and heated up. healthy and delicious.
3. hot water. i drink it all day.
4. run, bike or ride the elliptical machine. getting super warm keeps me warm. i need to move.
5. yoga. sitting at the computer or my work-table in the studio takes its toll on the upper back and hips. rather than curl up, unroll the mat and get it started. loud music helps too.
6. NOISE. i get more done when music or npr is playing in the background. it pulls me out of my tunnel. this is good.
7. field trips. going anywhere helps me. just getting out of the house makes me more productive... it's getting out the door that takes work!

what are your tips for beating circumstances that threaten your motivation?
peace. & LOVE.


  1. these are all brilliant, and although it's tough to pick my favorite of the bunch, i'd have to say #1 does wonders psychologically - dressing up just makes me feel like i'm going to get something worthwhile accomplished that day - and #7 nearly always gets the inspiration flowing.

  2. #1 is something I really should practice. I'm spoiled and wear jeans every day to work. What helps me get motivated is a morning sunrise walk with the pup. It's the perfect start to my day and I think she appreciates it as well.

  3. i love your list, especially nos. 6 & 7. these days i'm thinking i need to change my mind. instead of focusing on how tough it is out there i want to flip a switch and appreciate how nice it is in here.


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