Monday, April 6, 2009

la la la monday!

this weekend
the sun shone,
the windows stayed open all night,
i made things,
we cleaned, &
i practiced yoga (i'm officially 8 days in to my 40-day commitment of asana practice every single day. it's good. i had to start over last sunday, because i missed last saturday. i have a good weekend strategy now.).
also, it's true: the crock-pot has officially changed my life. no more frozen pizzas on the nights i teach or volunteer late.


  1. oh, to keep the windows open all night. sometime soon, i hope :) and i must join you in this daily asana practice - i'm going to check out your yoga blog to see what you're up to over there :)

  2. i could use so yoga, too! and a crock pot ;).

  3. *) aimee, i hope you do! the yoga is such a good thing. and daily has really been a good move for me.

    cindy, the CROCK-POT is my new hero!!!


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