Monday, March 2, 2009

thank you.

dears, thank you so much for the wonderful, heart-felt feedback to my last post. i was a bit reluctant to put of that out on the interwebs, but i am so glad i did.
since i last wrote, we left town for a few days. we traveled to eugene for the annual conference on public interest environmental law. i learned a lot. my brain is still wrapping itself around new theories, new technologies, and new faces. i also had a big realization about my field: there are not that many women in it. especially, those of us who have been practicing for 5 or more years. i am letting that realization sit with me for a bit, but i have a feeling it will make it into a post in the near future.
after i re-established my painting groove or overcame whatever plateau i was describing in the last post, i began working my etsy shop again. and it is so much fun, too. i forgot the excitement of preparing a new listing, editing the photos, figuring out postage, and all that jazz. it's safe to say: i'm back. on that note, i've brought a few new pieces to the shop and re-listed a few that i had taken off the market for a bit. if you haven't visited my shoppe in a bit, check it out!
all love,

dreams of india.

{dreams of india, original painting.}

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