Wednesday, January 7, 2009

mosey. posey.

dear-hearts, hello there.
i'm moseying right along with my resolutions. in addition to the items i shared with you the other day, one of my big-ticket items is to plan my south america trip, get a grip on spanish, learn bass guitar, and journal. every single day, i've been making progress on these goals. for example, i've begun more intensive research of individual countries. the internets have been so helpful in this respect, as there is not an abundance of specific information available in books at my library pertaining to Colombia or Venezuela, for example. bk & i are having our first Spanish session tonight with the pimsleur Spanish program i did find at our neighborhood library. bass guitar? i've always gravitated toward the bass line (i played tuba through college in concert and jazz bands...i know, major nerd alert, and one of the reasons i knew bk was the one for me was when he lent me a bag of bootleg tapes feature my favorite bassist of all time... john kahn) and have been warming this goal on the backburner of my life for years. it's time. i have begun researching the kind of instrument i will buy and the rudiments of playing. it's an exciting time at casa de loves whales. this is one of the reasons i love resolutions!


  1. i LOVED this peek into your journal. please keep us posted on your trip plans for south america! :)

  2. yay...thanks for the peek into your super secretive journal...when you make your trip to south america please take me with you..we would have the best time...xo t

  3. Feliz Año!
    Let me know if you need any help with your Spanish lessons. Feel free to bomb me with questions, doubts or concerns :)
    Comparing to English or French, the good thing about Spanish is good pronunciation is not such a big deal... Grammar might be a little tricky, but you can get through fine if you know enough vocabulary... :)
    I look forward to know more of your trip plans...

  4. i like that you are taking the class to learn the language before your trip--it will make it so much more fun when you get there.

  5. what amazing resolutions you've made! and so inspiring to see you following through already. AWESOME! (i've always had a secret desire to play the upright bass, too-- can't wait to hear all about it!!)

  6. I'm so excited to hear more about your trip--the planning is half the fun, really. & can't wait to hear more about the Spanish classes, too.

  7. hey! I'm from gotta include Colombia on your Itinerary!!!


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