Monday, December 8, 2008

lizard skin.



airstream farm.

{airstream farm.}



this weekend, we traveled for my cousin's wedding. we left the mossy, mushroomy, fern-filled rain forest of home for sun-scorched arizona. i love photographing the desert. the colors are so hot, so sleepy-saturday afternoon compared to december in the pacific northwest. as much as i love visiting the more arid nooks of the world, they delight me the most in their ability to foster even more love & gratitude for my home. we returned with a smile; the rain greeted us with life.


  1. Not drooling over the first one but the second two make my mouth water. Great shots Kelly!
    Right now it's 12 degrees in Boston.
    Do I miss Seattle....uhm yup.

  2. thanks dears!!!

    greg, 12 degrees requires bravery! be brave!

  3. that's so funny you say that - this weekend I went to las vegas, and I realized that I took more photos on the way out there (through the desert), than when actually there.

    something about the desert keeps me photographing on & on & on... and I agree, the desert also restores my love of home - not for the ferny green forests, but beaches and palm trees and sun chapped noses ;)

  4. i especially love the last shot and really want an air stream trailer when i grow up ;)!


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