Monday, December 29, 2008

in a holiday sort of way.

dears, we're slowly emerging from beneath the blanket of snow & darkness. i must say, i am ready for this new year. letting go of the old, preparing for the new. one breath at a time. smiles.

windy wisps.

since my last post...
bk & i ate here and there,
we volunteered on christmas eve,
looked at this,
starting reading this,
made these,
and on and on and on.

i have enjoyed meals and movies and long conversations with my husband and our friends. i have mailed homemade gifts and made a few more. i have been thankful for the love in our lives and the gifts of friendship.

oh, i know it's not all roses and sausages around the world, but there is something to be said about counting one's blessings before battling injustice.

all love.


  1. Kelly, I hope you had a fantastic holiday! & thank God for some blue skies!

  2. *) Thanks Ambika!! I hope you had a lovely holiday, too!!! I'm LOVING THE SUN today!!

  3. it is so true to appreciate the here and now! happy new year!

  4. glad you've dug out from the snow, and i love the notecards you posted on flickr! i'm so happy we've met this year :)

  5. I'm thankful for people like you in the world.
    Happy New Year Kelly and partner!

  6. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

  7. happy 2009 my lovely friend!! beautiful photo, I can't stop staring at it.


  8. Happy New Year! I couldn't agree with you more...we have to appreciate what we have before we wage war against what others don't.


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