Tuesday, November 25, 2008

dears, i cannot tell you how excited i am to begin holiday gift-giving. my theme for this year is "instant happy."my goal for each gift is that its recipient will have and instantaneous bolt of joy just by gazing upon the gift. i thought i'd give you a few examples of instant happy to illustrate this principle.

Dillon Designs' Shutterbug Ring.
{Can you imagine the smiles this ring would bring the the face of a photo-phile?}

Silver Sparrow Designs' Baby Beluga Necklace.
On the back it says "Just a little white whale on the go."
{In order to receive this little bit of instant happy in time for Christmas, place your order today.}

LaPomme's Linda, A Sleep Angel.
{This is sweetness plus love plus serenity plus pretty pretty. Perfection.}

Whippy Dipp's Creepy Crawly Madness Necklace.
{A wild & wonderful, color-heavy talisman to ward off a bad day.}

Caitlin Kuhwald's Ira Glass print.
{You know we cannot get enough of Ira at my house. Ira plus a rainbow = me over the moon.}

Mullish Muse's Karl Lagerfelt.
{Fashion-y. Felt-y. Fun-ny. Have I mentioned what a sucker for puns I am?}

LaBete Handmade's Embroidered Lion Pillow Plush Doll.
{This is the perfect antidote for a serious couch.}

Ittichips' limited edition Yeti print.
{You thought the Yeti was extinct? Not with this print hanging in your hallway.}

Now, what's your instant happy? xo


  1. your blog is ALWAYS an instant happy for me! happy thanksgiving :)

  2. i love the ring and the whale necklace! today, if the sun came out right now it would instantly make me happy!

  3. ooh just the thought of instant happy made me instantly happy!

    Right now my Chik-Fil-A peppermint chocolate milkshake is an instant happy. *slurp*

    Found your blog through a twitter comment. Very nice!

  4. Thanks so much Kelly for featuring my lion pillow!

  5. I'm there with Aimee. Your blog alone is "instahappiness" for me :)

  6. Thank you so much for finding me and putting me with such great company.

  7. oh loves, thank you for the sweet sweet comments!
    miznyc, welcome! glad you found us!!!

  8. Great!
    thank you for adding me to this nice winter gift

  9. Tomsza, thanks for checking out my blog and for sharing your gorgeous work with the world.
    many blessings.

  10. such great finds! karl lagerfelt is definitely giving me instant happy :)

    here is some more instant happy from my new favorite etsy shop:

  11. Love your choices! Almost makes me want to celebrate Christmas (we went "no gifts" a long time ago). I especially love Karl (how odd) and the creepy crawly necklace.

    And, just to let you know, I tagged you on my blog today if you want to play. If not - absolutely no problem! You can see there what makes me happy :)

  12. my instant happy is a morning to night thanksgiving with the family :)

    I love this gift giving theme!

    happy turkey day my lovely : )

  13. That Karl Lagerfield doll is just brilliant.

    Instant happy=great fabric...always.

  14. i agree with aimee-- your blog is complete and total instant happy for me! i love it!!

  15. ira+rainbow=makes me happy too.


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