Monday, August 4, 2008

it's monday again.

the sun shines on seattle today.
i rode the train to portland this weekend to see my dear girlfriends. my girlfriends gave me so many smiles and memories. they are such an amazing lot of ladies. they make me happy & homesick.

i made new friends on the trains: a group of tourists from japan (they gave me gifts and smiles); an art studio moving from new york (she reminded me of the smile i felt inside when i arrived in portland for the first time); a young man who was drunk and a little mentally ill (he told me that he saw my soul from across the room).
i missed my husband. how i got so lucky to have found him, i'll never know.
BKC in Camden
happy monday, dear-hearts.


  1. aw! What a sweet post. Sounds like a fun trip and a fun time to come home :)

  2. Look how BEAUTIFUL you are, Kelly! Eek!

    And I agree--- this is the sweetest post. :)

  3. wonderful photos! love the peep of yellow toes, beautiful fan, and a happy, beautiful couple!

  4. Stumbled upon this post and had to send you the link:

  5. where di you get that yellow toe polish. diggin that!

    ...i am sure he did see your soul.
    it shines.

  6. oh my god, you are so totally gorgeous, and now i'm jealous! AND, i want yellow toe nails! and you are so very much the sweest, indeed. i agree with everyone else. :)


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