Wednesday, July 9, 2008

right on. right on.

it's all good in the 'hood.

back on my bike. big hills last night.
yoga! meditation. good things, these are.
work. work. work.
ideas brewing.
signed up for two classes this fall. apparel design and drawing. i love school.
that's all for now.

93/365. contrast obsessed

p.s. did i mention we are vegan now? it's an experiment for the month. i'm also taking a break from the sauce-booze-hootch. more on that later. xo


  1. You look so healthy, happy and full of light. You are so sweet!

  2. aw! so glad things are going fantastic in your part of the world. great photo :)

  3. thanks for the sweet comments, dears!

  4. You're all glowy and pretty...I have been wanting to try the vegan thing, but I am not sure I have enough will power. I will be anxiously watching you through this journey, maybe it will help me to suck it up and go for it!

  5. Sounds like lots of wonderful changes! Good luck!


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