Tuesday, July 29, 2008

pounced! Stone Cottage Studio

Well, darlings, it's happened again: I've come across a completely unique and fabulous new Etsy shop while pouncing.

Presenting.... Stone Cottage Studio, the creative work of Mary J. Ross. Mary has a passion for paper-mâché, creating whimsical & functional art. (You know I love that.) We are huge devotees of whimsy at casa de LOVES whales (and the functional part would keep Mr. Loves Whales happy, the pragmatist that he is).

Mary's journey to art-making is nothing short of amazing and utterly life affirming: she studied piano performance at the Lawrence University Conservatory of Music before embarking on a private teaching career that spanned more than twenty years. All while raising four children. "[Mary] began her journey into the magical world of papier-mâché while on chemo in 1999 and has never looked back." Get out there and make some art...make some beauty in this world, my dears, in whatever way speaks to you. Before you do, however, make sure to check out Mary's work at Stone Cottage Studio.

Stone Cottage Studios.

small, flat chicken and black polka-dots chip & dip.

Visit Stone Cottage Studio by clicking right here.


  1. very cool and inspiring; love the story behind it. pouncing is so dangerous...

  2. thanks aimee!

    pouncing is SO dangerous, but i LOVE it!!


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