Thursday, July 24, 2008

i love thursday.

another peak at what i've been working on lately. it's been one of those weeks where i could live in the studio! i love that. i created this piece using rubber-cut blocks that i designed and cut myself. my plan is to offer these in the shop starting next week. although the blocks themselves remain the same, i'm randomizing their placement and colors.


can't wait for the big launch.



  1. these are super cool! i will have to experiment with carving rubber. i'm embarrassed to admit how i've been doing my own homegrown prints, carving patterns out of super thick fun foam! but oh so much fun to experiment!

  2. thank you, aimee!

    i love your idea! i actually tried something even crazier myself-- carving designs out of half-drived molding paste on paper. that didn't quite work out the way i thought it would! i'll have to try the foam!

  3. SO NIC!!! i love the stamping. :)

  4. kelly, what can't you do? I want just a tiny bit of that talent of jealous I am!

  5. Congrats - looks very exciting!


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