Wednesday, June 25, 2008

thirty years ago today...

81/365. 3-0 is a magic number.
my mama was mowing the lawn. nine months pregnant with child. a few hours later, this little whale-lover boogied on into the world.

i'm so blessed to have all of you in my life. thank you for making the first thirty years so FABULOUS. life just gets better with each year. let's all have a good laugh at my crazy hair-cuts over the years!! xoxox

i'm going to enjoy the sun today, hit the beach, eat white cake with white frosting, and chill with my family. love. and peace. to you!


  1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!! Great photos!

    and thanks for thinking of me. we are doing fine and staying dry, but it's amazing all the levees that are breaking. downtown looks a little strange!

  2. eee! happy birthday girl!

    i heart whales too, btw.

  3. I said it on flickr but I'll say it here too! Happy Birthday!

    (& is it weird that I'm loving the fact that not just you but Amisha of Heavenly Days turn 30 the same year as me?)

  4. Happy 30th Birthday!! I hope you enjoyed your cake and had a great day.

  5. PS we found a great frame for the awesome print my mom bought from you. LOVE IT!!!

  6. thank you all so much for the sweet wishes!!

    Krissy, i am so glad to hear you are doing okay! these are crazy times. big hugs!

    Erin, thanks darlingest!!!

    A Print A Day, awww thank you. and yay!!!

    Ambika, thank you dear-heart!!! it's not weird at all. yay for 30!!!

    Laurie, THANK you!! Great to hear from you. I'm so glad you found a frame and your mom is happy with the print. That was so sweet of her to buy a piece. I hope she just loves it!!


    HUgs all around!!

  7. Happy Birthday, my dear! I miss chatting with you! I've got to get back on my game...

  8. happy happy Birthday!!!
    I wish you at least nother thirty years of joy, kindness and peace!

  9. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! I'm so sorry I'm a day late. :) Hope you'll forgive me, and I hope your big day was SUPER FANTASTIC!!!

  10. thank you, darlings!!

    bethany!! great to hear from you, love! hope you are swell!

    esti, awwww thank you!

    jess, you're such a sweet-heart! thanks for the well wishes!

  11. HAPPPPPPPYYYYYYY BIIIIIRRRRRRTTTTTHHHDDDAAAAYYY! First, I have to say you are stunning and I do mean gorgeous at every stage! I hope you had the perfect birthday. 30 is pretty wonderful. Honestly, the 30's have been my favorite decade. I am hoping the same for you!


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