Friday, June 13, 2008

*Stars in my eyes.


I have such talented friends, and I just want to tell you all about them and the wonderfully creative work they are doing! One of these talented souls is dear Ambika of (into) the Fray. Ambika creates the most amazing jewelry and accessories, that I have to hold myself back from buying up everything anytime she lists a new item in her etsy shop (see yesterday's post about my quest to live more simply). So, when I had a few birthday gifts to procure, I leaped at the chance to buy some lovely baubles from Ambika's shop. I have been dying to share these next beauties with you, but since I bought them as gifts for two of my dearest friends, I had to keep the loveliness to myself for awhile. Without further ado, here are two things I bought that I absolutely love.

These Ambrosia earrings are lovely.

And the Sole Ciela earrings are the type I could wear every single day and to fancy events!

{I'm so glad I got to share these with you.}

You can visit Ambika's shop right here.


  1. oh yes, she is amazing :)

    ps- how is your family?

  2. krissy, thanks so much for asking! they are doing fine-- expecting another big gush of water tonight, though not as much as the first round! you are so sweet to ask!


    Glad to know your family is doing ok... how scary. :(

  4. have some lucky "dearest friends."

  5. I was just on her blog and was eyeing a GORGEOUS pair of earrings!!

    I hope things are getting better in Iowa... sounds pretty scary! I hope your family continues to be ok. :)

  6. Gosh, thank you! And I'm *so* glad to hear your family is okay.

  7. you are all so sweet!

    mrs. french, i am definitely the lucky one! these gals and i have been thick as thieves since we started college in good ol' northfield, minnesota!

    jess, thanks so much for the sweet note.

    ambika-- *))))) you are a rockstar, sister!!


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