Thursday, May 1, 2008

Pounced! Paradise by the Sea.

dears, it's happened again: i've pounced another fabulous new etsy shop. this time, i found the beautiful jewelry of Paradise by the Sea. Paradise by the Sea features the beautiful work of a gal named Val who became fascinated by collecting and creating with sea glass while on a vacation on Lake Erie. her work has both ethereal and grounding qualities (is this an oxymoron? i do not think so. head in the clouds- feet firmly planted on the ground. ). i love how val quotes Richard LaMotte's words from Pure Sea Glass in her bio. "There is great healing power found where the water meets the shore." true story, sister.

if you are searching for something fabulous to send me for my thirtieth birthday (kidding! just send me good vibes, kids), i LOVE the aqua pendant and the urban dangle earrings.

click right here to go to Paradise by the Sea.


  1. her work is lovely, isn't it?!

  2. mmmm... so nice! i agree about the healing power of the sea...


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