Thursday, May 1, 2008

i've overdosed on awesomeness.

good things

cow milk does help make pudding. vanilla is a superb treat.
when i go to goodwill alone, i bring home the best new treasures.
this week has been all awesome-all the time.
yoga classes full of open-hearted students.
a new commission opportunity.
reconnecting with dear old friends.
work that makes a difference.


  1. You are so sweet, Kelly--- and I LOVE these photographs. And am so glad you're having a good week--- you deserve it after such a busy month! :)

  2. Vanilla pudding is my I will take some please. Ok, lady are you in Portland? If so, I want to take some yoga classes and maybe you are just the gal to teach me.

    Oh and so happy you are having a lovely week!

  3. darlings, thank you for the sweet notes.

    erin, you are such a dear! thank you. and you TOTALLY should get into the yoga! it's a life-changer!

    mrs. french, one vanilla pudding, comin' right up! i'm back in seattle for now, though not for forever. there are so many AWESOME yoga places in portland!! i can't wait to be back there for good!


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