Thursday, February 7, 2008

Sometimes I crack myself up.


Thursdays are a real treat for me. I teach two wonderful yoga classes and then fill my day up with all kinds of errands. Like getting a latte for my sweet husband who has been working day and night lately.

I have been really digging this Miranda July portrait I created earlier this week. I mean it is in a frame, hanging on my wall and I think I like it there. You know what that means: it's ready for the shoppe! Look out!!

In other news (and relating back to this ridiculous photo), I posted my 100th remix to the Wardrobe Remix today. While I was setting up the shot, I realized I had focused incorrectly, though my timer was already going off and I couldn't turn it off in time. I like it though. This is life, isn't it?

Peace, kiddos.


  1. I thought you were gearing up to give us each a big smackaroo type kiss! Like the new blog look! Very light and airy.

  2. thanks Heather! i think i like the white background for a change.

    you're right: it does look like i'm giving a big "muuuahh" smackeroo to the internet!


  3. that picture of you rocks! I also really like the Miranda July painting- super neat! Nice idea- she seems like a lot of fun!


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