Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Dig it.


Have you visited Michelle Caplan's Collage Lab yet? Well, get on down there and check it out already. Michelle is a mixed-media collage artist (check out her work here, here, and her lovely blog here) who has taken on the daily collage challenge and created a blog to log her creations. Check out this yummy piece.

Also, have you seen the movie "Year of the Dog?" I really dug it. Molly Shannon (who I absolutely adore) stars in this tale about a woman's journey from pet-lover to animal activist. Although there are some chuckle-y scenes, this is hardly a comedy. (I cried a little, but what-evs.)

Oh, and seriously, could Zoo Gal's blog, The Vintage Zoo be any more wonderful?! She is such a sweet, talented soul. Her etsy shop is a-mazing, too. We met in Wardrobe Remix and I just think she's the bees knees.

And, and and, I have been meaning to devote an entire post to Wayne Coyne and how he changed my life yet again in Fearless Freaks (seriously, people...changed my life). The post will come, but I'll leave you with this little gem.

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  1. thanks for leaving a list miss kelly who loves whales. so did you get to hear a obama speak live? wow, what a treat that would be. i get chills and teary eyed everytime he speaks. and michele caplan rocks. she is in the nahcotta show too. i guess that could be one of my five really good things too.

    good luck with the portfolio....i am thinking of you

    ...yes we can


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