Monday, February 4, 2008

Almost there.

Oh how I have been working myself into a fine frenzy over this whole portfolio review ordeal. Working day and night, I tell you. Here's where I am: with the two digi pieces I showed you last week, I think I am up to 10 pieces. Let's photograph the analog pieces just to be sure. Am I missing anything?

In other news, I cut off my hair. It's all good, though, because I meant to cut it off. My stylist, Todd, is a true genius and talked me out of the bob I originally set out to mimic and gave me the modern shag I tried to get last spring before I found Todd. (it's a long story. i visited a hair dresser who quite possibly was high on meth whilst she "cut" my hair.) La-la-la. New haircut.

Also, I FINALLY watched the Simpsons movie this weekend. Hilarious. And I do mean heeeeelarrrrious. If you're into that kind of humor, which I found out that not everyone is at an interview for one of my old jobs. My boss asked me what T.V. shows I watched, and of course I said that we watch nova, nature, and the Simpsons (two PBS shows cancel out one Fox show, right?). She said "not my kind of humor." Yikes!
Hope your Monday is swell.

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