Friday, December 7, 2007

The excitement.

I'm busy as a little bee here at the studio, my dears, otherwise I would be spending all day posting everything that is wonderful on ye olde internet to this blog. Plus, we are going to the mister's firm's holiday party tonight and I have no idea what my wardrobe will involve. I was hoping to open my closet to find a sequin mini-skirt that I could wear over tights and with a black turtleneck, but (alas) nothing like that happens to live amongst my clothes at this particular moment in time.

New prints and originals are in the shoppe, including all of the originals (eleven by fourteen inches) from the texture series I created this November. I *might* do prints of these, but am still undecided.

Can I have a moment to freak out? Thanks, you are all such supportive readers. I do not have ANY of my holiday gifts finished yet!!! (Ummmmmm, if you are in my family and just read that: just kidding! As always, I am the picture of organization and serenity.) This weekend, I am battening down the hatches and turning up the Burl Ives to put me in the Santa's Workshop mood, I tell ya! Uff-da!


  1. No freak out moments allowed! Get to work!


    Nice banner! Damn! How do I do that?

  2. Don't worry! I'm elbow deep in chocolate, making homemade bon bons to give to the neighbors as holiday gifts!


    Thanks for noticing my banner! I've been spending a lot of quality time with photoshop and illustrator lately!


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