Monday, November 5, 2007

The spectacle. .

This could fall into the category of "too much information." Sorry. I just had to share this bit of crazy-ness with you all!

Here's where vanity will get you, darlings:

i quit wearing my glasses for a bit, because i thought i looked like a dork in them. (this is just me. i think everyone else looks totally chic in theirs. i always wanted glasses until i actually got them. oh, life.)

about two weeks ago, i noticed that my eyes and my eyelids were totally dry. then, my eyelids developed extreme, vertical wrinkle-cracks in them from the dryness. i tried to remedy this unsightly and uncomfortable scenario by rubbing all of my natural remedies on my lids: avocado, oil, and so forth. nothing helped. then, i read something about eye strain causing dry eyes and lids. shoot. the glasses came back out of their cases (these and my reading glasses-- that's right, reading glasses, too) and things are turning around for my eyelids.

that'll teach me.


  1. odd that you painted a whale because your eyelid description made me picture the underside of a humpback's chin sack.

  2. i can't stop laughing at your comment, mr. hooker. it's fitting, then, that i painted what i know, right?!

    : )

  3. as long as you don't have barnacles you're good.


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