Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Radiant reds.

Radiant reds.
1. Red 1, 2. Fly on the Wings of Love, 3. Buddhas, 4. distressed-heart.jpg, 5. midnight ending..., 6. cat, 7. inside cafe " Fiorio ", 8. new york from the air, 9. may all be free from fear, 10. Untitled, 11. Clusia fruit, 12. vermelho-pêra, 13. finished!, 14. 2/3 primary colors, 15. Indecision, 16. Bridge [Kortrijk 12/06], 17. Red silk, 18. Sunset on the Golden Gate Bridge, 19. Weather Project, 20. fissure, 21. Tropical, 22. underwater fire, 23. ACCA_Melbourne, 24. love gun, 25. lustre, 26. Untitled, 27. Stairway, 28. Untitled, 29. ANTIQUE AND GREEN, 30. Untitled, 31. freak chic, 32. applelight x university period, 33. red (4), 34. Ecstasy, 35. choices., 36. Rouge Childhood
A few of my favorites on flickr.

I just had a lovely visit from my dear friend Kelly O. She is part of my law school girl-gang and is totally fabulous. She is real entreprenourial spirit and gave me some confidence in the business department of opening ye olde Etsy shoppe. I ordered Quickbooks and am moving forward, people. hoorah. hoorah.

On another note, things have been a bit crazy over at my other job, so I am trying to stick to all of my creative habits to get me over the hump.

Here are a few pieces of radiant red inspiration! The red coincides with a Support the Burmese Monks campaign I'm totally immersed in. I promise to post a red painting later today. I'm off to paint. Praying for peace and rain around this world. Namaste, beautiful readers.
P.S. to link to the originals in the favorites-compilation above, click on the photo.


  1. I love Califone,they are so artistic with their sound. I want to know more about supporting the Burmese monks. They are very brave!I absolutely love this new painting. The metallic paint looks fun to work with. luvs.

  2. Funky-B. dig this: check out the *Support the Burmese Monks* group on my facebook page.

    Oh, and there is a group on flickr. If you link to my red posts (collage and headwrap), it should direct you to the groups.

    Peace, my sweet sister.


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