Wednesday, October 3, 2007

My roots.

I started playing with watercolors in college. On Friday nights, my friends and I would come back to my dorm room after a night out and paint on the coffee table I still have. This is where my obsession with color began. I wanted to explore color as the subject of the painting, and really took to watercolors.

Once I became a little more comfortable with the way watercolors behave, I kept my love for color, but began using the medium more as a mode of sketching. Pencils seemed so limiting to me then-- I suppose because of my adoration for color. I took a little watercolor sketchbook with me everywhere and painted my days, diary-like.

Then, I fell in love. I fell in love with oils and put my watercolors on the shelf. You know the rest of this story. I came back to watercolors when I began this blog-- mostly because I had not carved out the studio space in my new-old house and wanted to paint.

Getting back to my roots.

I have been getting a bit crazy with the paint lately, as you may have noticed. I decided to dive back into little sketches of my surroundings for a change.

This is a sketch of a piece of apophyllite we have around the house. Mr. Loveswhales and I have many crystals around the house, mostly because we like the energy they bring, but it started because he studied geology. This particular piece came home with us after some music event. I sketched it while sitting on the floor listening to Thievery Corporation.

I sketched this Buddha rose while I worked on the apophyllite. (I like to have more than one project to work on while layers dry and so I can think a bit before slapping down the next brush stroke.)


  1. Beautiful, my friend!

    I have been meaning to get back into painting...alas, I've no good space.

    I'll have to carve out some time and space SOON! My blog has been my creative outlet lately..but it's not enough.

    Luckily, Gilly is interested in art so, maybe it will be a good experience for us both!

    I'm so glad to be back in contact with you! It's nice to have somebody to remind you of the magic in us all...and you seem to be doing that for me...Thanks!

  2. Thank you so much. I'm so glad you stopped by and that you like the little bit of paint I have been spilling into the *blog-o-sphere* (cannot believe I just typed that with a somewhat straight face).

    Art and yoga have been my saving graces through the trials (I'm such a dork, since I do mean that literally and figuratively) the last few years have brought with them.

    Your blog is like going through the looking glass for me. I never know what new book, image, piece of music or story is going to jump back at me. Inspiration all around!

    I'm also so happy to be back in touch. Hoorah!


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