Thursday, October 4, 2007

Material girl.

One of my favorite fall activities has always been shopping for school supplies. Shiny new notebooks and un-bitten pencils are tops in my book. Now that I'm done with school-ish school, I miss the big school supply spree. However, I was in dire need of some new art supplies. I drove my car (I know, can you believe it) to this lovely shop called Artist & Craftsman Supply in the University District. They had gobs of high-quality materials at seriously reasonable prices. Here are the highlights of my trip.

First, a NEW PENCIL. Very important.

Golden soft gel gloss medium. Yum.
India ink.

Rubber cement.
Paint wells.

Watercolors in yellow and red.

Golden acrylic paints in turquoise & magenta.

Brush. 10-round. Synthetic, natch.

Not a purchase, but the box the nibs and watercolors traveled home inside.

Big, fatty mop.

Super fantastic awesomeness.

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