Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Five really good things.

I borrowed this idea from Kelly of Camp Indigo Soul, who found it on Liz's blog, and so on and so on ( I imagine) until we reach Kevin Bacon.

Here they are. Five really good things in the life of Kelly LOVES Whales.

One. My parents came for a visit. They saw our house. They marvelled at the hood. They downright conquered Seattle. Bless their hearts, they are even coming back for Christmas!

Two. I passed the Washington Bar Exam. Remember when I was all crazy in July about studying for and writing that beast? Well, I found out that all those flash cards and study questions paid off. I'm multi-state now. yipppeee.

Three. I am really getting into my new camera. It is so wonderful, and I have loved geeking out on photo-shoots around Seattle. Ultra-inspiration seems to catch me when I frame the world with a viewfinder.

Four. MUSIC. We are continuing our fabulous fall music spree by experiencing Groundation this Thursday. I am a reggae lady, let me tell you, and Groundation is one of my favorite reggae bands.

Five. Somehow life is really clicking right now. The formula of painting-lawyering-yoga'ing-running-loving-chilling has reached the perfect cocktail. I'm happy.

So, there you have it: five really good things going down at casa de kelly loves whales-sagewind-waterdance-windshieldwiper.


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