Wednesday, May 4, 2011


lately we've been feasting on greens. i've been concocting some ridiculous salads and slurping down more homemade soups than i can even believe. oh, and i broke another blender (at least this one lasted nearly 9 months!), so we are having serious talks about buying the vitamix. i always knew we'd eventually buy one, but it seems like the time is right. am i the only person out there who has had a series of serious talks about blenders with the spouse? ha ha.
the broken blender means no smoothies for a bit. boo. instead i'm drinking a lot of organic rooibos tea. so good, but without the caffeine-crazy factor.
{salad of kale, spinach, romaine lettuce, walnuts, green beans and carrots. topped with a touch of extra virgin olive oil + balsamic vinegar.}
oona is now two months old. holy cats. i feel like i'm getting the hang of this mama-hood business.
there's someone in my bed.

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