Friday, April 22, 2011

the week's eats.

dinner. thursday.
This week, we kept it pretty vegan. Emphasis on pretty.
Monday. Barbeque tempeh (vegan). Smashed potatoes (veganized with rice milk + earth balance). Beautifully green salad with lots of spinach (raw vegan).
Tuesday. Take-out from Blossoming Lotus-- living nachos (raw vegan). Four "cheese" lasagne (vegan-- lots of kale).
Wednesday. HUGE green salad with spinach and bok choy (raw vegan). I was in the process of making a vegan lentil curry when baby-girl had a collosal melt-down, so that burned.
Thursday. Jasmine rice (vegan). Baked tofu with asian marinade (vegan, recipe from The Veganomicon). Salad of Bok choy, corn, and plums with spicy mustard dressing (raw vegan).
***TOnight, we are hosting my mom & dad from out-of-town, and I HOPE we can go out to the Farm.***

I made the most delicious smoothie this week--- cucumber juice + frozen strawberries + handful of baby spinach. RAWmazing. (Inspired by a juice I had a Por Que No? a few weeks ago.)

To be fair, I also ate a slice of rhubarb pie topped with ginger streusel and a side of whipped creme from Random Order.

Have a beautiful weekend loves.

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