Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Inspiration Tuesday. Hands that Feed.

Hello dear ones.

Today, I'm feeling incredibly inspired by this project, "Hands That Feed," a documentary film project exploring the food crisis in Haiti that long-preceded the devastating earthquake of January 2010. The project aims to record the journey of young Haitians "as they seek to build a sustainable future for the country."

These are trying times for so many of us. And changing obstacles into opportunities for inspiration is one of my favorite magic tricks! (My yogi friends will know this is related to devotion to Ganesh! :) )

If you are as moved as I am by this project, you can show your support at Hands That Feed.

Hands That Feed- Video Pitch from Pangea Films on Vimeo.

Now, my dears, how have you been changing obstacles ito opportunities lately?

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