Thursday, July 15, 2010

family time

dears, since we last spoke, i had some family time back in the midwest. it was lovely. here are some of my memories.
BK chills
my 32d birthday!

Sorry for the hiatus. I came back from our trip with a coughy-cold and have been slow to recover. I'm back now... for at least a bit.


  1. hope you're feeling better, but you sure look gorgeous!

  2. thanks dear-heart! i *do* feel better, but it took awhile! darn summer sore throat!

  3. Hope you're having a wonderful summer in the NW. I loved walking through Freemont on Warm summer nights. Glad to see you again and your sight looks great!

  4. Greg, yes! summer has been good, though not super summery yet! i have only been able to swim in lake washington ONCE so far! hopefully, august will bring some lovely summer with it.

    Hope all is swell with you, dear!

    Thanks for the kind kind words!


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