Tuesday, June 15, 2010

inspiration tuesday. carnations.

{D Sharon Pruitt, website}

{Ngawang Chodron}

{Kim Ludy, shop}

{Lakshmi Arvind, website}

{Adam Simmons}

{Jen Gotch, website}
i've recently begun to appreciate carnations. real. natural. carnations. alone or in bunches. in bottles or vases. so i decided to buy some for our house. they seem to be meant for this little space off of the dining room, don't you think?


  1. carnations are the most underrated flower and can be so pretty. love the new look around here :)!

  2. cindy, hello dear! thank you for the kind words! i'm *so* happy with the new look!
    YES! underrated is the perfect way to describe the carnation! LOVE them.

  3. carnations = chic? didn't think so but after taking in your post i'm having a change of heart...thanks for the beauty that I have come to expect from you!

  4. *) I KNOW! I KNOW! Who knew?! Now I'm in love!


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