Wednesday, December 2, 2009


dears, i have missed you. i have begun this post many times in my head, but then i couldn't ever quite make my fingers type it here in my blogspot text box. the truth is: i'm struggling with the purpose of this blog right now. with all of the blogs and other content coming your way, i am determined to make each trip to the kelly loves whales blog *worth your precious time*.


so i wonder if my creative endeavors,
yoga journeys,
fragmented sentences about life with the world's cutest dog & sweetest husband
are good enough...interesting enough...fresh enough... enough-enough.

when i began this blog, i was only just remembering my creativity, my dreams, my time, and this blog was a way for me to do several things: motivate myself to make art every day and chart my growth (if you will).

but what is it now?

i'm still not sure. i do hope you will keep reading.


so, that being said, what is on my mind?

i'm finally feeling better after my war with pig-flu. good health is something i treasure. while i was ill, i began tinkering with the idea of going high-raw all-vegan (HRAV). it's going swell. my favorite new habit is beginning each day with a green juice. today's juice was turnip greens, kale, granny smith apple, golden crisp apple, + 2 carrots. the turnip greens are spicy. it's fun. why am i doing this?

{well, i already am vegaquarian (we have eaten fish about once a month for the past 6 years. before that i was a 7-year vegetarian who would eat a hamburger once a year.) and i had all but cut out dairy & eggs in order to alleviate asthma symptoms.}

I want to be my healthiest self. It's that simple. And I feel amazing having made this switch.

more on this later. feel free to ask me anything about it.



as you might have guessed, i have been devoting a major chunk of time to my yoga practice & teaching. what a blessing. there is always something new to love about the practice. if you care to, please do check out my podcast over at it is my dream to share the yoga with anyone whose heart is open to it-- so much goodness for the body and mind. seriously.


okay, i think i'm done writing for today. thank you for your patience with me. i am grateful for each of you!!

peace. & LOVE. always.



  1. I quite like your blog miss! It always brings a little sunshine into my life...
    Reading it is always *worth my precious time* :)

  2. ditto krissy! sorry you were so sick and glad you're better. namaste ;)! enjoy your weekend!

  3. I am very glad to see you post on your blog again! I have actually been meaning to send you a note to see if you were still doing it. I hope you continue because I am soooo inspired by you my friend. I started my blog in large part because of how excited I was by yours. Your creativity and peaceful, joyful outlook on life have been huge motivators for me in the last 6ish months of my life. Please don't stop posting and sharing your life and art and spirit with the cyber-universe! Love, Chloe.

  4. I think we all love your blog no matter what the topic or how long the posts are. Keep it up!

  5. Coming here just makes me HAPPY. I'll always be reading. =) Good luck going raw! I'm a vegan with a few raw friends. I love eating the meals they create! It's so much fun to be creative with food.

  6. kelly! hello :) i adore your blog..i think it's great you're going HRAV. lately i've been thinking about making the switch myself. are there any websites or books you can recommend?

    love, zara xo

  7. Hi Kelly, I've been lurking on your blog for a while and I just thought this would be a good post at which to pipe up and say hello and tell you that I love your blog! Thanks for it! S. of

  8. Darlings, I am so sorry to be responding to your lovely comments so tardily!! I *just* realized I had comment moderation! Thank you so much for the sweetness!

    Krissy, LOVE to you!!

    Cindy, Thanks for the well-wishes! I have been so out of the looop even since then!

    Chloe, I love knowing we are reconnecting through the internets and am a huge fan of what you are doing on your blog! YAY!

    Julie, XXOO Thank you Love.

    Rachel, isn't the raw vegan fun?!

    Zara, oh yes! oh yes! I have TONS! For inspiration, I love the book RAW by Juliano. There are great blogs--,, I also have the book _Raw Food Cleanse_, which has great recipes even if you are not cleansing.

    S., Thank you so much for writing! I am glad to know you are reading. *))


Much LOVE & Gratitude for reading! I'd love to hear what *you* think. {p.s. I'm now moderating all comments because we have had too many spammers dropping porn-bombs on us. booooo!}