Thursday, September 10, 2009

Project update: my first quilt

Dears, I have been obsessively piecing the top of my first quilt together. I just love it! Here are a few more specifics about the quilt:
I made it from 5 x 5 inch squares (my mama tells me this makes it a charm quilt) of random fabrics from my stash and from a few pieces of old shirts. I did not work from a patter, so I laid the squares out on top of a bedspread I spread out on the floor (much to Brian's chagrin, I must add). In these moments, I feel so fortunate to have a mom who is in the business (she owns a quilting and yarn shop), because I had a lot of questions about piecing. She gave me excellent instructions on seam allowance, structure and the importance of pressing. The first few rows were a bit scary, but then I caught my groove and found I could quilt for hours while watching "My So-Called Life" on Hulu. YES! As you can see, this top is nearly complete. My next step is picking out what materials I will use on the back (I think a vintage sheet) and in the middle (how thick?). You know I'll report back soon.
peace. & LOVE. always.


  1. it looks fantastic, kelly. a vintage sheet sounds perfect. enjoy your weekend!

  2. Looks fabulous...isn't it fun? great project on a rainy or snowy day, too!


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