Friday, September 4, 2009

my first quilt.

i am piecing my first quilt today (and tomorrow and probably the next day, too).

and i am in love with it.
what turned me off from quilting for so long was the cutesy-ness, the matchiness, the order of it all. while i admired the work and even how those quilts look in other people's houses, they weren't me. my sister Kate recently began quilting and made a lovely, buttery quilt for me-- perfect to hang on the wall of our open staircase. it was this quilt that inspired me to finally give quilting a try.

i decided to make the opposite of the cute, the order and created my quilt with bits of random fabrics from my stash, from bk’s goodwill pile, and a favorite shirt i re-purposed. not too matchy, not too coordinated, just right.

i cannot say this quilt would win a blue-ribbon at the state fair, but it’s the kind of blankie i will let my hippie babies play on underneath a big oak tree, i will wrap my sweet someone up in while sitting around a campfire by the sea. and that is the kind of blanket i have always wanted to make.

peace. & LOVE. always.


  1. I think quilts are such a great idea. You can use left over fabric and its a great memory. I'm sure yours will be beautiful!

  2. *)
    me too! this is the part of quilting that has always intrigued me.
    thank you so much for writing!

  3. I've been quilting for quite a awhile and I'll be curious to see if you too will find it can be quite freeing...maybe give the similar sensations as painting? you're future babies will LOVE them and treasure them forever.

  4. Hey sweet gal! I have been thinking "quilt" ever since I happened upon Amy Butler months ago! You're such an inspiration in my life! You bring sunshine to the world!!! peace *)


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