Wednesday, September 2, 2009

celebrate where you have been.

My dears, A hint of autumn came in through my bedroom window last night crisp and cool. The morning clouds and chill burned off to reveal an amazingly beautiful day. I simply adore this time of year: the nights are made for sleeping and the days are the perfect mix of nostalgia and promise.
One practice I have been keen on cultivating the last few years is mapping out my goals and then acknowledging my accomplishments. I hope you do the same, as it is a wonderful way to stay in touch with living your dreams *right* now. Before I share my goals for the next few months with you (and with myself, quite honestly), it seemed appropriate to celebrate all of the sweetness this summer brought:

  • Jumped off the end of the dock at dawn;

  • My painting Mulhadhara was featured in a group gallery show;

  • Launched my new Etsy shop (yay!);

  • BK and I had many weekends away together: weddings in the gorge and on mt. hood, backpacking & hiking, swimming & picnicking;

  • We schnuggled our nieces & nephew in St. Louis;

  • Learned enough CSS & html to be dangerous (i.e., the re-designed site launch is imminent),

  • My yoga practice continued to grow in its sweetness, strength & surrender,

  • My yoga teaching practice blossomed as I started podcasting and taking on new classes,

  • My art+friend community is thriving,

  • Painting continues to be a source of pure joy,

  • I CONNECTED people in ways that were so important to me,

  • I started posting tutorials,

  • Small, but significant victory at my job-job,

  • SPANISH! (I love it!),

  • I honestly believe I was of service to others this summer, through yoga, art, fashion, being.

Also, my hair is the longest it has ever been. It has been my goal for the past year to grow my hair really long. Now, I'm thinking of cutting it short again!

That was this summer.

What are you celebrating as the seasons change?

peace. & LOVE. always.
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  1. I love your positivity! Sounds like an amazing summer...

  2. *)
    it has been! goggles made my swims in lake washington so much more interesting, too-- looking at the fish!!
    xxoo darlin!

  3. goggles are imperative, especially if one wears contact lenses ;). love all the good things happening for you. enjoy your weekend.


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