Thursday, August 13, 2009

New in the shop!

Darlings, I've been updating the Sunrose Studio shop. Here are few new prints for sale. Please do come check them out... Click here or on the image.
p.s. I have been working away at a group of original paintings and prints to list in the shop. It is my dream to curate a rotating group of original art in that shop as well. Also, some big big big ideas on the horizon.
p.p.s. Check me out over at I Adore Style. *)


  1. What gorgeous photos in your shop! I really love the one called "Lake Crescent."

    It's funny that you say it was taken on a Twilight-inspired trip, because that's pretty much exactly how I imagined Forks while I was reading the series!

    Looking forward to hearing about your upcoming ideas.

  2. i love 'lake crescent' too - wowee!


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