Monday, August 10, 2009

la la la

to recap {in case you have not been keeping up with my little tweets about it on the left},
the computer broke last monday.
it took 5 days to fix.
the library computer would not let me log in to this account {!!!}.
the computer is all better now.
i am back.
i missed you, but i got a LOT of work done last week.
what i learned... by becoming hyper-efficient with my computer time, i freed up major space for making + doing. it gave me the inclination to finish a bunch of projects i've been working on for ages. i think i may try going into hyper-efficient mode once during the work-week.
the weekend:

warm breezes.
the gorge. {AMAZING.}
sweet friends. sweet music.
sleeping under a fat moon + stars.
yoga with the grass beneath my toes.
this summer has been the most perfect.

i'll be back soon with visuals.
peace. & LOVE. always.


  1. although the reason for your computer downtime is not a good one, the result certainly is. sometimes, we just have to unplug, but i think we become a bit addicted to it. otherwise, your weekend sounds like it was calm and soothing.

  2. you hit the nail on the head, cindy! it was really nice to unplug, though i am so so so happy to be back.

  3. Hyper efficient mode. I love the sound and idea of that! Sometimes a break from the computer is so, so lovely. When it's unplanned it can be a little stressful but I love the peace that comes over me when I realize there is nothing to be done!


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