Tuesday, August 25, 2009

inspiration tuesday.

right now, i'm ridiculously inspired by...

{the shapes of these jumpsuits by prancing leopard.}

{screen stars like delores costello + smoky eyes. }

{this damsel fish. the colors!}

{georgia o'keefe. photographed by her husband, alfred stieglitz.}

{this cat's eye nebula redux.}

{north africa. the shapes. the drapes. i want to go.}

how about you? xxoo
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  1. i love the photo of delores costello. right now, tord boontje is inspiring me. he's a genius.

  2. i love the photo of delores costello, too! i'm really getting interested in black & white photography and feel a project coming up. i like all of your inspirations, they are very interesting.


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