Monday, July 20, 2009

la la la monday.

this weekend was pure lovely-ness.

played with the mirror ball & lights. {i'm not kidding. give me a mirror ball, a bike light and some live Phish and... fun for hours.}

spent every moment we could outdoors in the beautiful weather.

took a glorious hike in the alpine lakes wilderness area. {after our eleven mile climb, i snacked on an ice cream sandwich & bean burrito! everything tastes heavenly after a day on the trail, right?}

how about you?
all good things.


  1. had lots of strange encounters with different fowl. ate lots and celebrated with family. spent a little time on the beach. closed the weekend with some great friends watching the sunset over the bay from the beach. it was all so lovely.

  2. oh wow, is that another new banner? it is fantastic! glad you had a nice weekend. we did too, until our car battery died. it's been revived.

  3. AWH!!! LOVE the new banner!!! Love, LOVE it! You are such a beautiful soul! Your site is but a small reflection of your sweet little nature! will be thrilled to know that we went out on the Monarch {the Mullgardt Machine}. We spent the day with them on the lake. A little cool, but found some beautiful sites. And to top it off, my couragous hubby climbed up a giant cliff to display his manly-man in a leap to the water..{twice}. He's such a studly creature :O)

    love from missouri!!!

  4. *)
    these weekends sound LOVELY.

    Miss Mary, the sunset! OOH! love.

    Cindy, thank you thank you! glad to hear the car is alive & kickin'!

    Trina! LOVe to you! I want to go on the MOnarch! and I want to cliff jump! hugs!!


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