Monday, June 22, 2009

la la la monday.

this weekend,i . . .

enjoyed life without a t.v. {we are analog & didn't make the switch.}
ate yummy seafood pasta at la rustica and watched the sun set over the Olympic mountains.
planned some communal raised beds with our sweet sweet neighbors. {you know i love to garden.}
listened to lots and lots of music. {especially loving making art while listening to yoga mixes my friend bekah made me.}
made tons and tons {okay, maybe not tons and tons, but quite a few} digi-collages.

essentially, i recharged the batteries. how about you?


  1. Watched a few of the vintage Star Treks. We can't live without our tv. Well, maybe, but I really don't think so.


  2. *)
    i LOVE star trek!
    sounds like a perfect summer weekend.

  3. hehe, yay trekkies :)

  4. i enjoy every day without TV - can't stand it! i don't know why we have one...


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