Friday, June 5, 2009

happy happy friday.

darlings, what a week this has been!
i have felt supremely productive and creative, updating my online portfolio, creating some marketing postcards, updating the shop, brainstorming ideas for making this art-business work for me.
also, celebrating my show. {i wore the olive green wedges.}
practicing & teaching a lot of love-filled yoga.
making a new batch of limited edition prints. {a squid and whale dance in the abyss.}

what brought you joy this week?
peace. & LOVE.
layer 2.what's happening.
all lined up.


  1. Looking at your beautiful whales certainly brought me joy this week! The color and composition is calming and inspiring. Thank you for sharing something beautiful!

  2. LOVE that last photo!! what i wouldn't give to take a little peeky peek inside your house!!

  3. I love the bold shapes, what's the bell for?

  4. *) thank you for the lovely lovely comments, dears!

    Verena, so happy to read your comment. blessings.

    Aimee, thanks darlin'! anytime you make it back to seattle, we must meet up for tea!

    Cindy, awww thanks!

    Kara, thank you! the bell is {normally} used when i'm first teaching meditation to little children, but i am using it here to mark the 10th print. {notice how that the bell plus the closepin make a 1-0.} *)


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